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Get Fit With Mountain Strong


The Forearm Inferno

Today's workout is a genuine-real-deal forearm destroyer, designed to build gripping power, endurance and mental strength in rock and ice climbers.  Brought to you by coach and pro climber Matt Lloyd from the team.

Let's start off with a little gym philosophy. The "why" is the most critical part of a strength and conditioning program, if you don’t know the purpose of your efforts you won't know what skills to develop. Also, you are likely to lose motivation, not train with intensity or just merely burn out and hate what you're doing. None of these are good options.

Today, consider the following. Quality training requires purpose.  Take a moment to recenter your attention or perhaps dedicate yourself to a new or specific path to your climbing experience. Remember, you can always change direction down the road, but each training session needs a point of focus beyond the particular task at hand. This means your mental energy is not just dedicated to the action of training (i.e., dead hanging to build crimp strength ) but preferably on a specific climbing goal for which you are training. 

When I walk into the gym, I drift back and think about the scary moments I've had in the mountains, moments when I needed to climb faster then my burning lungs would allow.  Climbing faster to avoid a dangerous serac is a specific goal that gives my cardio sessions purpose. I remember being inadequate, not as a person but as an athlete, and I set my sights on controlling the controllable, and for most climbers that is done while training in the gym. Its the “why” of my workouts. 

Today's goals:

-Find your reason for training before beginning today's WOD; it may be to be able to take care of your family in a time of crisis, to push back on the effects of disease or to improve your strength and conditioning to send your project.

-To reach real physical and mental failure. This workout is built around pushing our selves mentally as well as physically. So, Dive deep and find your own personal edge. 

This workout is written for Mountain Strong Denver's elite rock climbing team but can be extremely useful for anyone who wants to up their grip game whether they have mountain ambitions or not. In climbing, just like in life, sometimes to survive you just need to hang on.

Before beginning the workout:

Spend 20 minutes thoroughly warming up and getting loose. Pay particular attention to warming up the deadlifts.  

To complete these movements, you will need a barbell for deadlifting and access to a hang board, climbing holds or something else to hang from by your fingertips. 

The WOD: 

Complete 1 round every 5 min for 25 min total ( 5 rounds total ) 

Dead Hang on a hang board or something similar ( like the frame of a door ).

Hang for :07 sec / then let go and rest for :03 sec 

Do this back to back for 10 rounds.

Immediately after the dead hang  ( we call this a superset ) 

Deadlift a barbell pre-loaded with your 1.25 x your body weight to the top position, then hold it at the top position with good form for as long as possible ( for me it between 20-50 secs depending on how tired I am )  

Don’t use a 50/50 grip, meaning knuckles should face away from you on both hands while lifting the bar. 

When you reach failure and drop the bar, rest until the next 5 min period begins. Each round took me about 2:30. Then repeat the whole thing. This may start out easy but will quickly get very difficult as the little muscles in your forearms give out. 

You can scale the deadlift up or down based on your individual ability, the focus here is not the deadlift but rather the hold at the top. Don’t underestimate how pumped your forearms will be by the 5th round. 

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